What We Do

Whether you are a beginner or expert, want to be fit, become an Ironman or anything in between — Tornado Triathlon can help

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Improve your swim technique, speed, and efficiency.

Swim training focuses on freestyle (front crawl); however, other swim strokes are incorporated to keep your muscles balanced.

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Improve endurance and speed by refining your pedal cadence, gearing, and efficiency climbing and descending hills.

Outdoor club rides improve and teach group riding skills including rider safety and drafting.

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Increase speed and stamina, and learn the joy of running all over again.

Workouts vary speed and distance to improve muscle endurance and strength. Fun drills promote balance and the core muscles needed for all activities.

Health and Nutrition

Learn how to fuel your body to feel good.

Improve your health with like-minded people.

Fitness is a life-long goal. Get fit with sports you can do for a lifetime.

Race Support

Many members enjoy the challenge of racing.

Coaches and members support athletes at many events.

Improve on your best time or complete your first race. We can help.

Family and Friends

Our unique training schedule allows parents to train at the same time as their kids.

Build a stronger relationship with your children.

The club provides a fun and social environment which builds lasting friendships.

High Performance Program

A Long Term Athlete Development program run by a Certified Competition Triathlon Coach.

Designed for serious athletes with commitment, motivation, and a desire to challenge one self.

Members at Play

Some of our club members putting their hard work to the test.

Programs Designed for You

We have a variety of program options to suit your needs. Join us for any or all three fundamental disciplines.

All programs are available for adults and youth.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our programs.

Book as a Family and Save

Register 2 family members to Save 10% more — Register 3 or more family members to Save 20% more.

Swim + Bike + Run


3 to 4 hours per week

NCCP Triathlon Coaching

1 or 2 Swims + Bike + Run + Core


$140 | $165 /mth

Save 33 to 41%

reg $210 | $280 /mth

ScheduleSold Out
Swim + Bike + Run

High Performance Triathlon

7 to 9 hours per week

NCCP Competition Triathlon Coaching

2 to 4 Swims + Bike + Run + Core

+ 3 extra uncoached workouts ($120 value)

$195 | $225 | $255 /mth

Save 49% to 53%

reg. $400 | $470 | $540 /mth

ScheduleSold Out
Swim Bike Run

Two Workout Options

2 hours per week

NCCP Triathlon Coaching

Duathlon — Bike + Run

Aquathlon — 1 Swim + Run

Aquabike — 1 Swim + Bike

$120 /mth

Save 14%

reg. $140 /mth

Swim Run

One Workout Options

1 hour per week

NCCP Triathlon Coaching

Swim Only — 1 Swim

Run Only — Run + Core


$70 /mth




What Members Say About Us

Our Workout Schedule and Calendar

Our schedule is designed to be family friendly. Why run around town when you can run around with us. Workout together at the same time and location!

Please consult the calendar for the specifics of each workout and special events.

Summer 2018 is Coming Soon

The registration and schedule for the summer programs is currently being carefully planned by the Tornado board and will be available soon.

Spring 2018

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Location MSC MSC Velo MSC MSC
Start Time 10:30a 7:00p 6:30p 6:00p 8:30a 10:00a 11:00a
High Performance
2 to 4 Swims
Swim Swim Run Swim Bike+Run Swim Swim
1 or 2 Swims
Swim Swim Run Swim Bike+Run Swim Swim
Duathlon Run Bike+Run
1 Swim
Swim Run Swim Swim
Aquabike Bike Swim
Run Only Run
Swim Only
1 Swim
Swim Swim Swim

Note: Swim days included in your registration will be based on the number of swims in your program and lane availability.

Tornado Calendar

Some Fun Facts

The Olympic Triathlon

1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run

Introduced at the Sydney Olympics in 2000


steps on the run

(CN tower has 1,774 steps)


Banned Number

ITU and Olympic events exclude number 13


calories burned

(about 4 donuts)

220 swim, 820 bike, 650 run

2 of 24

Medals for Canada

Simon Whitfield won Gold in Sydney 2000, and Silver in Bejing 2008

About the Club

As a not-for-profit club, a board of members direct the general operations to ensure things stay member focused.

Tornado Triathlon formed in August of 2013 by three mothers of athletic children looking for a place parents and their kids could all train together.

Our fantastic coaches support our regular club workouts and are often found cheering and participating at local events.



M.Kin, B.Ed.

NCCP Certified Swim and Competition Triathlon Coach

Registered Kinesiologist

Sport Science and Nutrition Consultant



B.Sc. (Phys. Ed.)

NCCP Trained Community Coach (Triathlon)

Personal Trainer Specialist (Can-Fit Pro)



B.Sc., M.Sc (OT)

NCCP Trained Community Coach (Triathlon)



Dipl. Ing

NCCP Trained Community Coach (Triathlon)

Contact Us

Phone: (416) 561-7563

Email: info@tornadotriathlon.ca